Flower Essence Therapy

Enhance your healing with flower essence therapy….

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are a form of vibrational or energy medicine.  Each flower holds a specific healing energy pattern that balances discordant energy patterns.  They are subtle, yet powerful and are safe to use for all, even children.

Why incorporate them into your life?

Flower essences release stress and re pattern your entire system.  They work by strengthening, repairing, and realigning your electrical energy system or nervous system.

Flower essences help you cultivate healthy beliefs and attitudes.  They open your awareness and understanding of how your thoughts and beliefs can create stress.  Focusing your thoughts in a more positive way is a powerful path to wellness.

Flower essences help create emotional balance within by helping you resolve and release the past.  Flower essences offer Soul Therapy.  They are grounding, spiritually opening, and nurture your soul’s growth.  They bring self-worth!

Alison uses the potent essences from 3Flowershealing, an Oregon based company.  She offers personalized blends to enhance one’s healing journey.  Please contact her for more information or to order one specifically to meet your needs.