Embody Yoga and Meditation


Alison has practiced yoga for over 20 years, teaching in the U.S. and Mexico. Over the years she has studied with many senior teachers in yoga asana, meditation, and other dance/movement practices.  Her teaching is deep, embodied, creative, fun, playful and inspiring.  Her knowledge and understanding of the body in motion and her own personal journey of unraveling the emotions and experiences through movement practices support her in providing a platform for clients and students to discover their own innate wisdom and goodness through the exploration and release in their bodies.

She believes that yoga is a significant venue of self-exploration, self-dialogue, and inevitably of peace and healing.  When we can take a look at how we are relating to ourselves and our bodies while on our yoga mat and while sitting on our cushions we are able to deepen our understanding of how we are relating to ourselves and to others in our worlds.  We can use that medicine and information to become more whole, present, and grounded beings.

Private sessions with Alison are a unique experience of support in embodiment utilizing many modalities with a focus on yoga asana.  The sessions are catered to each individuals needs drawing on Alison’s wealth of knowledge of the body and its functional movement, her extensive experience in yoga and dance, and her 15+year bodywork practice. She provides students and clients with a holistic experience of their bodies and themselves; it is not just about the physical practice and getting into the poses.  Alison guides students into a deeper relationship and connection with themselves through expertise teaching, hands-on facilitation, and the space for students to tune into their own bodies and their needs.  She believes that cultivating a home practice, a home base, is the key to longevity and authenticity in the body and in the self.  Alison believes whole heartedly that we must be able to cultivate the ability to be with ourselves, to be in our bodies in a loving and present way, and to tune in and listen to the essence of who we are.



$60 for an hour session



“Alison is an attentive instructor with an innate ability to read her students minds. Her focus on form and proper technique are key to a great Yoga teacher. She has influenced my practice giving me the confidence to move forward. I have great respect for Alison as a teacher and mentor and would recommend anyone who has struggled with Yoga in the past or wants to try for the first time and is nervous. You won’t be disappointed and you will feel amazing afterwards!” L.B.