Beautifully blending yoga, meditation, and the healing arts, Embodied Coaching sessions are a unique avenue towards holistic healing. Alison draws from her wealth of personal and professional experience in these realms to create a personalized session for clients. Based on the premise that when we are in our bodies, even for the challenging moments, we are able to tap into that inner resource, that inner strength and respond from a powerful, clear, and embodied place. Our bodies hold all of our patterns, messaging, emotions, and are the true gateway towards uncovering our most authentic and radiant selves. With gentle and compassionate support the possibilities are endless.

The culmination of decades of her own personal exploration and healing work, Alison has a gift for empathically meeting clients where they are and supporting them to release through the body and reclaim their wholeness._dsc0065-edit

“Alison Rothman has been working with me for several weeks now. I originally came to see her because I felt overwhelmed and stuck in several areas of my life. As a single mom I’ve sometimes felt isolated and undernourished, as though I was attempting to give water from a well that had long since dried up. I felt instinctively that doing somatically-based work was a missing link in my effort to become less depleted. Sensing how frenetic and fried I was, Alison immediately taught me several healing yoga poses that facilitate deep nervous system calming. I noticed a difference right away. It felt like coming home to a deep well of calm and “everything’s gonna be okay” comfort that had been missing from my life for a long time. From that place my imagination got sparked and things felt so much more possible than they’d felt when I was stuck in my coffee/sugar/cogitation cycle. Those exercises are the place from which change is visualizable and therefore possible, and they’ve become an important basis of the other work I do to make desired shifts in my life. They also help me to be more patient, present, and available in my relationships – including in my relationship with my sweet daughter. In the weeks that followed, Alison shared several other healing exercises and self-care tools with me that I could take into my daily life. She had a plethora of helpful ideas about how to switch from a primarily cerebral to a more embodied way of living life. 
Alison has a vast array of healing tools at her disposal that she’s extremely skilled at teaching others to use: yoga poses, mindfulness exercises, psychological self-inquiry, nutritional wisdom, flower essences, essential oils, and many others. But the real magic of working with her lies in being in the presence of her warm, delightful personality. She is an extremely loving and generous-spirited person, and those qualities translate into a healing process that is both healthily boundaried and deeply nurturing. Alison also has a great sense of humor, which means that when one is in danger of taking oneself too seriously one will instead laugh and be healthily put back in touch with the joys, sillinesses, and occasional indignities of being human. 
I truly feel, when with Alison, like she’s rooting for me to live as full, healthy, and happy a life as I can. There is an affectionate, intuitive, and unconditionally accepting quality to her care that makes her a marvelous teacher and therapist. Whatever imbalances, health issues, or stresses you are facing in your life, or even if you simply want a clearer path to your own center, I highly recommend working with her. You will be in wonderful hands.” ~Z.S.