About Alison

Alison Rothman CMT CYT is a longtime practitioner of the healing arts and is devoted to embodiment as a spiritual path.  She is a yogini, dancer, body worker, single mother, earth lover, and natural healer.  Alison has committed herself to embodying the everyday realities of humanity through various practices and lifestyle choices and is passionate about sharing her discoveries and inspirations with others. She has decades of experience working with and in the body, both as a body worker and yoga and movement practitioner and teacher.  Alison has a 20 year recovery from a debilitating eating disorder in which she utilized various embodiment and mindfulness practices to heal from.  She is committed to supporting other women in the peace making process around their bodies, their hearts, finding true nourishment from the inside out, and body image.  Alison carries with her an embodied understanding of the wisdom and intelligence of the body; helping to support others in tapping into their innate bodily wisdom finding more ease, grace, and power in life.

Alison brings to her sessions a deep intimacy with herself, her own process of life experiences, and a passion for supporting and inspiring others in utilizing the magic of everyday living as medicine for growth and healing. She leads retreats locally and internationally blending ancient and modern movement with everyday wisdom through deep, embodied, and inspired teachings.

Alison has been featured as a guest speaker on Curb the Binge: A podcast about healing from eating disorders http://curbthebinge.com/podcast/staying-close-to-yourself-on-the-wild-and-curvy-path-with-alison-rothman/, as well as was featured in MANTRA Yoga and Health magazine.